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Call for Nominations for CBF/GA Coordinating Council

September 30, 2017

The CBF/GA Nominating Committee invites nominations from churches and individuals for coordinating council members.  The Committee will present final nominations to the Spring General Assembly gathered at First Baptist Church, Griffin, April 6-7, 2018.  Council members are asked to serve 3 year terms and represent a balance of CBF of Georgia’s wider family—male/female, pastor/staff/layperson, age and each of our 8 neighborhoods.

Nominations are open through September 30, 2017, and may be sent to Renée Bennett at [email protected].  Please include church membership and contact information for your nominee(s).  Members of the nominating committee are Kay T. Green (Chair), Scott Dickison, Ken Russell and Michael Tutterow, along with ex officio members Julie Long (Moderator), Keithen Tucker (Moderator-Elect), Henry Tyson (Past Moderator) and Frank Broome, Martha Kate Hall, and Renée Bennett.

The Council shall have the following responsibilities and authority:

  1. Conduct the business of CBFGA between sessions of the State General Assembly.
  2. Appoint persons to serve the unexpired term of members who leave the Council between the sessions of the State General Assembly.
  3. Call, employ, and/or replace the Executive Coordinator.
  4. Employ other personnel as necessary consistent with the provisions of By-Laws Article IV.
  5. Review and make recommendations to the budget presented by Finance Committee, approve financial policies, and oversee the finances of CBFGA. The Council shall recommend a budget to the State General Assembly each year for adoption.
  6. Approve policies for the operation of the staff as recommended by the Executive/Personnel Committee.
  7. Ensure that a successful State General Assembly occurs.
  8. Report its decisions to and be accountable to CBFGA at the State General Assembly.
  9. Work with the Executive Coordinator in matters for sufficient insurance, legal contracts, other real estate matters, etc.
  10. Implement all directives of CBFGA as adopted and authorized by action of the State General Assembly.
  11. Approve an organizational manual consistent with this Constitution and By-Laws. The manual may be changed at any regular Council Meeting provided that Council members are given 30 days’ notice.
  12. Organize itself in the way that most effectively supports the Purpose Statement of CBFGA. This includes the freedom to create, alter or abolish non-standing committees or groups, but not to abolish standing committees as established later in this article. The Council may determine the purpose, duties, size, composition, name and method of selection of members of any committees or groups that it creates. The organizational structure approved by the Council has authority to function and is subject to review by the State General Assembly.



September 30, 2017
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