Peer Learning Groups

I wanted to thank you all and the others in state leadership for your work in encouraging the churches in our regions to connect. As a result of the state meeting this past spring, the Children’s Ministers in the NE region have been meeting monthly and our time together is invaluable. You may not have known what your work inspired so I wanted to share this with you. I hope 2017 is a great year for you and in the life of CBF/GA.
–Kara Wheeler

CBF/GA understands the importance and significance of the opportunity for ministers to meet with their peers. For this reason, CBF/GA offers grants each year to Peer Learning Groups meeting in the state of Georgia. The self-guided groups meet monthly to address some of the top issues that ministers face, including:

  • Burnout
  • Career development
  • Church growth and size transitions
  • Loneliness
  • Preaching (staying fresh)
  • Resource options
  • Self-care
  • Staff relationships

All groups are regional and may or may not be defined by a common ministry position. If you would like to locate a Peer Learning Group in your area or start a peer group, please contact Martha Kate Hall at [email protected].

Peer Learning Group Funding

From Martha Kate Hall, associate coordinator for congregational life:

As your peer learning group begins to plan for the upcoming year, CBF/GA would like to offer your group the opportunity to apply for funding in addition to grants given through CBF/National.  We are partnering with CBF/National to assist your groups in meeting your goals for the 2017-2018 year.

Peer learning groups within the state of Georgia may now apply for grants through CBF/GA for up to $500.  We ask that your group request a specific amount, noting the intended use of the funds.  Along with this, we ask that your group submit the following as a part of your request:

  • Your request for funding sent to CBF/National, which includes a membership list, focus  statement, and goals for the upcoming year
  • A statement regarding your current connectivity with CBF/GA and/or CBF/National
  • If you received funds from CBF/GA last year, please send us information on how they were spent

Requests must be submitted no later than October 2, 2017. Upon approval, CBF/GA will send a check to you for the approved amount.  It is helpful to us if you would send documentation of how you use your funds as they are spent throughout the year.

CBF/GA understands the importance and significance of peer learning groups, and we are excited to partner with you as you participate in this ministry.  Also know that I am always available to connect with your groups, and would be happy to buy your group lunch after one of your meetings!

If you have any further questions, contact me at [email protected].

PLG Regional Director for GA

Laura Stephens-Reed

[email protected]

Conveners of Peer Learning Groups

Jessica Asbell

First Baptist Church, Roswell
Baptist Women in Ministry
[email protected]

Becky Caswell-Speight

Smoke Rise Baptist Church, Stone Mountain, GA
[email protected]

Clayton Davis

Andrew P. Stewart Center
[email protected]

Frank Granger

First Baptist Church, Athens
[email protected]

Karen Harwell

Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA

Jim King

Parkway Baptist Church, Duluth
[email protected]

Julie W. Long

First Baptist Church of Christ, Macon
[email protected]

Ron McClung

Pastor, Haddock Baptist Church
[email protected]

Brandon Pendry

First Baptist Church, Athens, GA
[email protected]

Matt Sapp

Heritage Baptist Church, Canton, GA
[email protected]

Eric Spivey

First Baptist Church of Cornelia, GA
[email protected]

John Uldrick

First Baptist Church, Rome
[email protected]