A CBF/GA Ambassador is one who actively promotes our organization and encourages connections between his/her local church and CBF/GA. With the intentionality of our Ambassadors, CBF/GA hopes to build stronger connections with its partner churches, and therefore become a more effective resource and support for our fellowship.

Ideas to connect your church with CBF/GA:

  • Encourage church members and staff in attendance of our events
  • Organize a group from your church to attend our Spring General Assembly yearly
  • Promote and encourage others to sign up for our newsletters, Visions and Re-Visions
  • Encourage your Deacons to sign up for Table & Towel, the Deacon Network Newsletter
  • Invite CBF/GA staff to speak to your church about our latest news and events
  • Talk with your missions committee about supporting the CBF/GA budget, State Mission Offering, and CBF/National’s Global Mission Offering
  • Encourage church members to include the CBF/GA endowment in their estate planning
  • Suggest Jody Long, Martha Kate Hall, or other staff for pulpit supply
  • Share CBF/GA news during Wednesday night meetings and Sunday School
  • Connect the CBF/GA office with any pastor or staff search committees in your church
  • Contact the CBF/GA staff as a resource for educational training and seminars
  • Ask the CBF/GA office for logos to include in your church newsletter prior to main events
  • Let the CBF/GA staff know of ideas or needs your congregation may have that CBF/GA might resource

CBF/GA Talking Points

  • CBF/GA does not function as a convention, but as a Fellowship of Baptist churches.
  • CBF/GA is comprised of approximately 108 Baptist churches in Georgia who formally give to our budget.
  • CBF/GA annually hosts March Mission Madness for youth, a mid-winter retreat for college students, Senior Celebration & Senior Retreat for Senior Adults.
  • CBF/GA helps support church plants in Georgia.
  • Student.Church  and Student.Go receive partial funding through CBF/GA.
  • CBF/GA is active in providing annual scholarships for seminary students.
  • CBF/GA’s Interfaith Dialogue connects our churches with our Jewish and Muslim neighbors throughout the state for conversation and fellowship.
  • CBF/GA serves as a resource for reference and referral for churches searching for ministers and ministers searching for new positions.

Ambassador Areas of Responsibility

  1.  Communicate with the CBF/GA office about any pastor or church staff openings in your church area.
  2. Verify that CBF and CBF/GA are promoted in your church, including support of the budget, State Mission Offering (SMO), and Offering for Global Missions (OGM).
  3. Encourage your church to support and attend CBF/GA events and programs.
  4. Become familiar with the information on the website
  5. Help CBF/GA to understand your congregation’s commitment to CBF.
  6. Identify moderate-minded individuals in your area, and verify that they receive the CBF/GA Newsletter, Visions, and the e-newsletter, Re-Visions.

Based upon action by the Coordinating Council which met Tuesday, May 20, 2014, CBF/GA Advocates will now be called Ambassadors. The new name of Ambassadors better aligns with the Discernment Task Force Report/Recommendations.

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