Mission Statement:

The CBF/GA Interfaith Taskforce is committed to cooperatively working together to broaden mutual understanding and to improve relationships among people of diverse faiths.

Vision Statement:

Deriving from an authentic Baptist faith tradition that respects freedom of religious conscience, our vision is:

  • to foster a lasting community in which everyone’s faith tradition is individually valued and mutually respected
  • to develop friendships through education, hospitality and service
  • to discover our mutual commonalities through the sharing of our diverse stories
  • to learn compassion, understanding and empathy for each other through the building of relationships
  • to enrich our faith journeys by listening with theological and intellectual humility
  • to nourish a spirit of peacemaking which affirms the value of all people
  • to develop sensitivity to our cultural differences

Holy Day Letters

Chanukah Letter

Passover Letter

Ramadan Letter

Rosh Hashanah Letter

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