The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia understands that the majority of Youth ministry happens through the local congregation. As a state organization we seek to provide resources and programs needed to enhance the work of the local church. CBF/GA currently provides the events listed below for your church youth group to participate in. We also offer networking opportunities for youth ministers throughout the year. For resources or networking opportunities please see our Staff Networks page. To let us know how we can better serve you in your ministry endeavors please contact Jody Long at [email protected].

2021 March Mission Madness

WAKE UP! Passport Camps, in partnership with 15 CBF state and regional networks, has created a Mission-Focused Retreat Resource designed to help CBF Churches host Spring Mission Weekends for their student ministries. This curriculum, created by Passport Camps, compels participants to “Wake Up” and join God’s work in their world. The 15 CBF networks are as follows: Alabama CBF, Fellowship Southwest, Florida CBF, CBF of Georgia, CBF Heartland, CBF Kentucky, Mid-Atlantic CBF, CBF of Mississippi, CBF of North Carolina, CBF of Oklahoma, CBF of South Carolina, Tennessee CBF, CBF Texas, CBF Virginia, and CBF West. Each spring, churches and state organizations around CBF life look to engage students in local mission. Because of the ongoing pandemic, churches and organizations have to re-think what this mission engagement looks like. Passport’s “Wake Up” resource was created specially to help individual churches engage in local mission in ways that can meet their safety goals. While every church and region is different, this resource is flexible enough to help churches gather regionally for hands-on mission projects, allow a church to host their own mission weekend, or for churches in areas where COVID-19 is spiking, allow for students to gather virtually to discuss mission in deep and creative ways.
We also understand that in this season finances may be an issue, so this partnership between CBF states and regions and Passport allows for this resource to be available to any church that is interested, free of charge. This resource will be available in mid-February for download. To learn more, please contact your state or regional CBF office in Georgia, contact Jody Long at [email protected]